Saturday, June 04, 2011

Day 4- Gathering ingredients at the Portland Farmer's Market and Making Music
See tomorrow's post of dried fruit oatmeal/coconut cookies!

Today I bought delicious, dried plums (which tasted nothing like store-bought prunes) at the Portland Farmer's market to use in a cookie recipe tomorrow!

While at the market, I ate a chunk of Fraga Farm's mozzarella cheese, fresh blackberry fruit roll-ups, Italian prunes, a sandwich made with roasted duck, chevre, carmelized onions, pickled beets and dijon mustard (YUM!)

I gobbled up some cookies from Two Tarts Bakery...(hilarious name BTW:)

Snacked on salty SEA BEANS harvested along the central coast of Oregon.

And tapped my foot along with an old-fashioned jug/washboard, banjo picking band. Speaking of which, check out my forthcoming video of one banjo player paying homage to my last boyfriend in a creative on-the-spot composition...

And I sat in the park to rest and get some rare Oregon sunshine~!

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