Sunday, April 13, 2008

I met Jane Goodall!

What a classy lady. In the middle of all the hubbub of people wanting to buy books and have them signed and taking photos with her, Goodall sat on her chair with a sense of calm and peace that's hard to dismiss.
At one book signing she had this to say:

"People say to me so often, 'Jane how can you be so peaceful when everywhere around you people want books signed, people are asking these questions and yet you seem peaceful,' and I always answer that it is the peace of the forest that I carry inside."

What elemental memories do we carry inside us? Or are those memories so distant that we reflect only the confusion of the city with it's glaring lights, traffic and nonresponsive miles of asphalt?

Jane wrote a book about knowing where your food comes from and eating mindfully with an intent not to do harm to the planet.

I love that Jame Goodall's mother encouraged her natural curiousity for the natural world. Goodall talks about hours she spent watching and being fascinated by the chickens around her home.

"My mother being so wise, she could've grabbed hold of me, but she saw this little thing running toward the house, all covered in straw, eyes alight with excitement ... She sat down to hear my story. And I can still see it in my mind's eye: the hen rising up a little on her legs, and this slightly soft white thing coming out, plopping on the straw."

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