Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cool stops along the way where I found tasty bites at interesting hang-outs.

Pangea restaurant in Ashland, Oregon

Cookies and Pie in Eugene: Palace Bakery and Zenon Cafe

On Pearl Street in Eugene I found these fat pumpkin cookies at this bakery

The place is next door to the lingerie store with the coolest name: Freudian Slip :)

A few stores south is ZENON CAFE

that has a whole glass case full of homemade and tasty PIES.

Eugene is the city of uber-activists, where even the dirt is a forum for protesters who are especially fond of using rainbow-colored spray paint.

Juicy Burgers at Tyee: Tyee's Landing

On my way to Southern Oregon. I took a detour to see the Umpqua River and wine country. I Stopped for a delish burger in Tyee Landing on the Umpqua River. Love this place. The owner tore off a wall of a house so that diners can see the beautiful river, and even eat from the porch.

Organic Soup in Ashland: Pangea

At Pangea in Ashland I discovered coconut milk, curry and yam soup and a tall glass of rose water lemonade. I also sat by a guy who calls himself the Pop Messiah online, he's a hot filmographer in LA.

When I snapped a shot of he and his girlfriend and child, he said, "I appreciate the art" meaning, my attempt at being a photographer. So I asked him what he did. His girlfriend said:

"He makes commerials, you know the elephant commercial during the superbowl? He made that."

They guy had a great smile and was super affable and wearing an Indiana Jones-like hat. His girlfriend is a fashion accessory designer in LA.

I didn't remember the elephant commercial, but the guy said his name was Joe Rey and he directed me to some of his work on his Website He makes super-cool commerials and music videos and is a filmographer/creative director in LA. He and his girlfriend and their baby July live in both Portland and LA and often stop at Pangea on their way back down to LA. He directed the sexy music video I Need You of Lee Ann Rimes. The artistry of the video is as appealing as her voice. Check out some of his work HERE. I epsecially like his short film called Bat Prophecy where he jerry-rigged a flimsy mechanical flapping bat onto some contraption suspended above his camera and ran around in the city and on the subway filming people's reactions to the bat.

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