Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Home-grown meal: Yellowstone river trout and Livingston backyard garden veggies

My aunt Marilyn and Uncle Craig just moved to a cabin by the Yellowstone River in Livingston, Montana. What my aunt says about the place sums it up: "I'd like to die here," she said. Do you feel that way about the place where you live? How would it be to feel to be settled in a place to the extent that you'd be content to live the rest of your years there. That would be an amazing feeling.

So I asked Mer and Craig to share a food story with me about their place and the food surrounding the place. They harvested veggies from their garden, caught trout from the Yellowstone River and created this wonderful meal. Does it get any better than this?

This is my aunt Marilyn in her apron.

And they both shared these thoughts and photos, ENJOY!

First we show gratitude to Father Sky and the clouds for the energy and moisture that powers Mother Earth to grow the plants along with the protection and blessings of The Goddess of the Garden

We shared peas, carrots, beans, raspberries, and herbs from the Land

The fish came from the Yellowstone waters as does our drinking and irrigation water.

We are fortunate to be able to share the space here with many creatures like ourselves borrowing the land and resources.

Mer's special spot with the tree and cross is right next to the Beaver Lodge, we can hear the young cubs mewing.

Craig and Marilyn

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Mortensen Family said...

I can imagine the place but can't say that it is where I am right now... I wish my husband shared my view of this idealic setting. It would be a small cabin in the mountains with a meadow and no fences. Maybe a creek or even a river would work... just as long as I could hear it when I was sitting on my front porch. No sounds but nature and my kids playing. Man! I want to move back home (that would be the Pacific Northwest BTW :). My husband loves living in a crowded subdivision close to his family. BORING!