Sunday, August 24, 2008


Nine Ways to A Man's Heart (through his stomach)

You know the old saying: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, I tested this out last weekend. So, here they are:

1. Take him to your favorite hole-in-the wall restaurant and let him buy you your fav. dish -here's pizza at $3.50 a slice- even the most frugal guy will foot the bill!

This is a photo of me eating at a favorite place of mine called American Dream Pizza in Corvallis, OR.

2. When you drive to the beach, give him some fresh smoked salmon to eat as he drives.

3. Ask him what his favorite foods are and plan a meal for him. Buy the freshest fruit at the market.

In this case the farm stand was in Florence, Oregon.

4. Let him help you in the kitchen. He can cut up veggies or stir the pot, etc.

5. Do something silly/cute while you cook. This will show him that while you are a serious chef, you don't take yourself too seriously.

6. Milk is comfort food- make something creamy. Don't tell him you're using goat's milk or he may not eat it- though you know it IS better for digestion.

7.Cooking should be a sensory experience- forget the measuring cups & spoons, use your fingers.

8.Eat on the back porch on a tablecloth that you inherited from your mother. Keep things simple- this will make the man pay more attention to you than the place settings or any of the bling, bling that is SOOO overdone in a more formal dining experience.

9.For dessert, pick wild berries. This will get him in touch with his primal instincts as a hunter/gatherer.

Photos by Casey Cranor...


Anonymous said...

Yep, straight shot - right to my heart. The most direct route is through my stomach. How did you know? Mapquest? Google maps? or you're a genius.

Mortensen Family said...

This boy is cute and smart to be hanging out with the best cook in Oregon State!

Taintus said...

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Best Regards,

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The Rambler said...

Before I even finished reading this entry I noticed the photos and was wondering who took them. Case you're a great photographer in case you didn't know (for all I know you're a professional).