Saturday, May 17, 2008

Paradise Found
Oregon: Land of Milk and Honey

Flowers in Bloom This is someone's yard and it felt like heaven.

Ripe Veggies

Why I'm living in Oregon for the summer

For those of you who weren't aware, I just moved to Oregon for the summer. I'm going to stay until blackberry season at least and may stay longer or move to Portland if I can find that dream job (or one that will offer insurance and a steady paycheck... I'm a little tired of freelance writing).

A few things I love about this area:

It gets dark at night. I don't miss the artificial lights of the city. Tonight I hung my clothes by moonlight in my backyard (I know, they'll have dew all over them in the morning... but I'll take them off in the afternoon.)

I love the markets. There's this great little co-op that has 1200 local foods

a cool little buffet that has gourmet meals you can buy per pound, a bulk section and unusual local foods like dried seaweed

And my favorite new icecream called Coconut Bliss.

They seem to care more about the environment here. Many people bike everywhere. The air is clean and smells like lilacs, it's so refreshing. This co-op does some great sustainable things like have a composting bin onsite and a place where you can throw your plastic so it can be re-used I LOVE THIS.

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People are more carefree here

What I could live without
Sometimes, I must admit, the hippie thing does wear on me. Where did all of these people come from? Some guy yesterday was wearing a tie-dyed skirt and was playing a long-necked lute thing? What's that? A Sitar? Why does he play it and where did he get it? My roommate likes to call these people the term Trustafarians.

But I do like the fact that people can get away with walking around barefoot, wearing flower wreaths on their heads and talking about things like the fairies that live in their attics.

A couple at a folk festival in Eugene earlier today.

Below: A woman at the May Day festival at a Waldorf school. The school is situated between several farmer's markets along one of the back highways.

I can drive along a few routes and find farm-fresh produce. This market north of town.

I stopped here on the first day it was open and bought some artichokes, rhubarb, lettuce and radishes.

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