Thursday, January 10, 2008


Colorful Food is Good for your Bod

Here's my plug for eating colorful foods (fruits and veggies~). Pay attention to how many colorful foods you eat (and I mean naturally colorful foods.) Yesterday while I was sliding strawberries into my bowl, I notice the dark red juice of the strawberry on the cutting board, like a splash of cadmium red on a canvas. We eat for taste... but I also think we we eat for color. What colors have you eaten this week?? Maybe instead of a food pyramid, we should think in terms of a food color wheel. How often do we eat mostly nuetral colors: the drab beige of bread, cereal, butter, potatoes, packaged pasta, rice, yellow cheese, milk. Yeah, we like it, but it's time to bring out the foodie in you! If you don't do it for looks, do it in the name of better heath~. Cut up a little kale and sprinkle it on your stew. Throw some apples or blackberries into your salad. Find some way to spice up your meals with some vivid color! And if you can't think of ways, try Molly Katzen's recipe book: Vegetable Dishes I Can't Live Without.

Last night I made her recipe for Avocado Strawberry Salidita. It's simple: berries avocados and jicama diced and covered with fresh lime juice and bits of crystallized ginger. YUM!!

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