Thursday, November 08, 2007



I know, i know, you're thinking, how does Jenie manage to wind up in North central Illinios, of all places... somewhere in the middle of patchwork cornfields.

I'm driving around and see this cute little shack that says FARM MARKET (look at the flag, it will show you how windy it is.. there's constant wind here.)

And inside I meet Marion, wife of a corn farmer

who sells me some "ground berries," sweet potatoe squash

and some bad tasting tomatoes, lovely new potatoes, yummy apples and some purple berries with seeds that are labled "HUCKLEBERRIES"


A MIDWESTERNER'S version of Huckleberries, which tastes nothing like the kind I found in Idaho as a kid. Marion says they are bitter. She recommends i make a pie out of 'em with lemon juice, a cup of sugar and something to thicken. I'm going to try it tomorrow!!

THE PIE: I can't describe this thing... but it was delish, bright purple (almost artificial-looking because it was so colorful) and it tasted slightly of roses (really, an assessment other partakers of the pie agreed with.) A MUST-try if you can ever get your hands on the midwestern huckleberries. Would also be great in a cobbler!!

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