Sunday, September 17, 2006

Slow Food Night #3

Thanks ya'll for coming. Thanks Paul for letting our beets bleed purple all over your cutting board, for allowing the random acts of green grape tossing and for letting us pile all those swedish meatball and greasy potatoe pancake plates into your clean sink. ( we did help you clean up- Toni mostly). Also, for letting us put the ice-cream maker in your bathtub (wouldn't want it to leak on your hardwood floors.)

Millie and Andrew, Toni's friends from Ghana brought a dish made with plantains- Toni needs to tell you about it, Millie told a great story. Another couple from Ghana came as well, Joseph and his wife...

Paul made a type of ghoulash thing- red beans and rice with ham hocks and sausage, thyme, parika, cayenne, celery seed and lots of love. I think Paul also read William Carlos Williams poetry to his ghoulash as it was cooking. "so much depends on a pot of red beans, glazed with paprika beside the red ham hocks." Something like that.

Stacy brought her grandpa's recipe of potato pancakes.

Chris brought his appetite and news of himself breaking a land record (ask him about it.)

I (Jenie) tried to duplicate my meticulous gourmet cooking grandmother's swedish meatballs. In the end, I made them the way my family makes them (except I did sneak in some nutmeg, that's for you Gram.) I added a creme sauce at the end.

Andrea brought rolls and butter.

Toni made homemade icecream. A family recipe. Very tasty.

More stories to come!!

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Glenn said...

This is really cool Jen; I can't wait to read all through it.