Saturday, September 02, 2006

The brunch was very tasty. We scooped fresh blueberries blackberries and applesauce onto german pancakes and topped it with fresh whipped creme. Paul told a story about whipping creme in South Africa when he was a missionary there. A group of boys were standing around and one woman insisted Paul whip the creme because he was being a smart aleck. I scrambled the chicken eggs with green onions and topped it with feta cheese bought from Drake's family goat farm. Paul made fried potatoes he said his family liked to eat with fresh garden tomatoes. Jen brought some apricots she'd picked from her backyard tree and frozen. She made smoothies-- a family favorite. She said her family liked to make shakes and smoothies in the morning for breakfast.

When Toni made the pancackes, she told a story about her mother, how she wasn't a particularly avid cook, but sometimes she'd make something special to surprise the kids. Once day she wowed her kids with the bubbly tasty german pancakes like the ones she served us that day. Toni is very close to her mother.

Stacy our resident Arizonian brought fresh-made salsa from chilies, cilantro, onions and tomotoes she picked. Stacy said her mom had a garden when she was growing up and she'd go pick tomatoes, chilies and fresh limes and make salsa. Knowing how to make salsa seems like a requirement to living in the Southwest. Stacy taught Toni how to make her brand of salsa last week after the brunch. Toni had a batch of it in her fridge yesterday. The salsa was great.

Duane brought elk meat that we were going to make into omelettes. But it seemed too labor-intensive when we got down to it, so people added it to the potatoes or eggs. Almost everyone tried some elk meat. Duane bagged the elk in the mountains around Carbon Canyon and hauled it out on the back of a horse. (SEE NEXT TWO ENTRIES ABOUT ELK MEAT, HUNTING...)

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