Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My great Aunt Louise, gives her blessings to our Slow Food group. She's been cooking slow food for at least 60 years (in those days, all food was SLOW food, good and slow, and "fast food" hadn't been invented.) Louise left me with instructions on making applesauce from the apples I picked down the lane by her home in Hailey, Idaho.


COME ALL to our next slow food get-together, a brunch at 11:00 a.m. Sat 19th. E-mail me and I'll give you directions to Toni's house.

Bring your favorite breakfast food- something you can tell a story about.

On the Menu- breakfast foods, scrambled eggs from Uncle Craig's capitol hill chickens and Toni's German pancakes topped with applesauce made by fresh apples - a recipe from my great auntie Louise. Yesterday I picked the apples from a tree next to the home of a famous poet, Ezra Pound. My auntie lives by place where Ezra was born. He's dead of course, but those apples in the tree beside his yard are still living and we're going to eat them on Saturday. . . that is if I can get the hang of saucing them.

Oh and I can't forget, for those herbal tea drinkers, this tea is the best, mint, rooibus with a hint of cocoa bean.

Tastes like mint, chocolate, spices.

Fell in love with the tea when I had a cup of it at this cool coffee shop/art gallery build in an old church in Eagle, Idaho. Yum, yum, you'll love it.

Check out some of Ezra's poems in the prior post.

I'll add more details about who is bringing what when I get them.

What do you want to bring???


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