Monday, May 18, 2009

Comfort Foods for a Melancholy Spring

I must admit, I've had a melancholy spring. The last few weeks I've felt a little like this:

So, I started a new job. Good thing, right? Yes, of course, but the older I get the more I feel a sense of melancholy when there's some kind of change in my life.

Here's a few things that kept me going last month:

1) Kelsey, her new baby and the molasses, black pepper, crystalized ginger cookies she sells at her store, Roots. I love these cookies. I crave them almost everyday.

2) A plate of Calamari from Aqua restaurant in Corvallis. This stuff is amazing!

3) Vegan Cheesecake at Sweet Life in Eugene.This is the first cheesecake I've had in over 10 years. I'm allergic to cheese. It's actually made with tofutti. And it's yummy. Really!

4)The fact that even bakers in Eugene share my political persuasion. These are Obama cookies at Sweet Life. I'm sure some would like to be able to buy Obama for only $3.50.

I think I'll buy one for my Republican brother. What do you think Jim?

5) Feeding this sheepdog everyday for a week kept me going. This dog eats everything (my food scraps rotting in a compost pile, cat liter, moss, a dead varmit's leg over by the barn and last but not least Ruby (my cat's) poop.. yikes. I took care of this dog and add to that, a few dozen chickens and a cat. These were left in my care for a week while my neighbors were out of town.

6) Trips up to Portland kept me going. Specifically to 23rd ave, to this market where this cute cheesemonger works. Look at those bedroom eyes :)

Here's the outside of the Market:

Here's a meal I put together: Spanish sheep cheese, Idaho trout (to remind me of home) some thick crusted bread and some juicy grapes. I ate them on a patio table on a street corner. Yum. This might just be one of my most perfect lunches:

7) The Virgin Mary. I'm not Catholic, but she helped keep me going last month. Here's her on a gas station in Cottage Grove.

8) Honey from my friend Ethan, to help keep the spring allergies at bay. His honey smells like walking through a meadow in the spring.

9) My trip to Portland's farmer's market.

(morel mushrooms remind me of my hometown!)

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