Tuesday, June 03, 2008

HIP PIT STOPS in Newport, Oregon

My friend Jen and her dog Salie in historic downtown of Newport

Sea lions played in the water right in the bay.

Across the street from Local Oceans restaurant.

Local Oceans

Local Oceans

If you're planning a trip to the Oregon coast, put this place on your itinerary. It's a sophisticated, metropolitan-style eatery with an open kitchen that sources lots of local food and serves things up in an artsy way that's delicious and nothing like the greasy fish-and-chips stops you'd expect to find in a coastal fishing town.

It's a market where you can choose your own fish and live crab too.

They serve things like clam and mussles stewed in white wine, saffron, tomatoes and homemade chorizo and fresh seasonal tuna wrapped in bacon (Tuna Mignon), delicious panko-crusted pan-fried oysters (which I LOVE.) They serve lots of yummy soups like creamy roasted garlic and fresh-caught Dungeness crab soup. They also put care into the veggie dishes and salads and use local ingredients like morrells, chantrells and other mushrooms sourced from a local forager (who also supplies greens like fiddlehead ferns, wild lettuce and beach pea tendrils.) The place is also know for their unusual ice creams made fresh every morning with local farm duck eggs- all in tastes like pineapple jalapeno or even fried oyster or crab.

All the seafood is labeled, telling diners the names of the boats that pulled in the seafood—and from which bay.

They pull as much seafood as possible from Yaquina Bay across the street: clams, fresh ling cod (for the fish and chips) black cod, fresh oysters, mussles and of course dungenous crab. And they get other seafood from the northwest like Winchester Bay oysters.

Currently the boats in the bay across the street head up to Cape Falcon to get their salmon which is alloted amount. When the salmon season is over and because it's so limited this year (there's no commercial fishing for salmon) they served it up on a limited basis.

Here's a hamburger made with local beef and topped with gorgonzola cheese from local Rogue River creamery.

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