Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Forget all you know about the cantaloupe, I didn't like them much until I met this one from Green River, Utah. Love at First Bite!!

"Nothing is as good as a good cantaloupe, nothing is as bad as a bad cantaloupe."
-Chris Spencer, resident Green River melon supplier

More Love Affairs with Food- however brief

Cantaloupe flesh- simple, succulent, requires hollowing out, something an animal might do with his paws, but seldom humans resort to this (we'd rather buy it already hollowed by some wage-earner at Albertsons.) Sara M is here using an obliging cantelope scooper.

Cantaloupe compliments of Chris.

Besides the act of scooping out this pretty melon-- which I got the chance to help with. I got to eat the juice straight from the shell, lift it up and pour in into my mouth, as though it were something tropical instead of a thick-skinned desert species.

I'm not even going to describe how GOOD this melon was except let's just say I never buy cantaloupe because I normally don't like the taste.

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