Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Here be Beer, Monks and Lotsa Sausage
Mt. Angel, Oregon is a must-see!!

Tucked away in farm country east of Salem, Oregon, is an inconspicuous little German town called Mt Angel. It's a place settled by German pioneers in the 1800s, where you can be both "holy" (at the Mt Angel Abbey) and "wholly" devoted to sausage and beer at Mt Angel Sausage Company, the Glockenspiel Restaurant and Pub, at the many local German-themed eateries and at Mt Angel's annual Oktoberfest, coming up next month, on Sept 15th through the 18th. It's Oregon's largest folk festival. Took these photos of the Oktoberfest last year.

FYI: This year, the Glockenspiel plans to sell HOG WINGS at the Oktoberfest (pork on a stick!) Stay tuned!

Here's a few photos that illustrate why Mt Angel, Oregon is a wonderful place to visit!

1) People are happy here! Happy to serve you beer in large quantities and local sausage. Here's Bretny Endicott hamming it up. She's a server at the Glockenspiel.

2) The servers at the Glockenspiel Restaurant and Pub wear lederhosen!

3) If it's German beer you like, you'll be in Heaven here.

4) The locals all know how to do the chicken dance! The lady behind the chicken and stein in this photo is Teresa Godon, supervisor for the Glockenspiel Restaurant and Pub. This restaurant has a magical Glockenspiel clock in front, that plays wonderful tunes and tells the story of the early pioneers who came to Mt. Angel.

And reading German aloud just makes you feel special. Try it!

Also, aren't German knick-knacks just cute!

And how about this sausage truck! Cute, again!

5) On the drive from Salem to Mt Angel, you might drive past this exquisite field of poppies.

6) While there, you are bound to meet a local celebrity. Here's Jim Hoke owner of Mt Angel Sausage Company and his wife Robin; Jim was just featured on the Food Network's episode of Outrageous Food!

7) You might meet another local celeb, Jerry Lauzon, public relations director for the Mt Angel Oktoberfest. Below is a video of Jerry singing a German tune and yodeling with his sweetheart!

8) Order as many delicious hand-stuffed sausages as you want!And you'll love the fries at Mt Angel Sausage Company.

9) Accordian music! This guy and his buddy play bass and accordian on the back patio of Mt Angel Sausage Company... fun summer dining.

After filling up with sausage, beer and fries, head over to the Mt. Angel Abbey, a Benedictine Monastery on a lovely hill overlooking the east side of Mt Angel.

10) You may run into Benedictine monks.

11) The chapel at the Mt Angel Abbey feels so European...if the chapel is empty, go ahead and sing a Gregorian chant there - the acoustics are divine!

12) In the Summer, attend the Abbey Bach Festival, listen to Bach then picnic outside with wine and sandwiches on the grass.

13) See a famous architectural gem: the Abbey Library on the campus was designed by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.

If possible, take a tour with a monk, so you don't miss the details of the library, like how the bottom of these Aalto-designed chairs have a brand on it: the Abbey historically owned cattle and this symbol was their original brand. The Abbey houses one of the largest collections of Alvar Aalto furniture in North America. The arms and legs of the chair are formed out of a single piece of bent wood, shaped like an upside down U.

Enjoy! Auf Wiedersehen!