Friday, January 07, 2011

Cascade Baking Company is rolling in the green-- and yellow!

One bakery in Salem Oregon is feeling the love for the Oregon Ducks today and making bank with green and yellow bread to celebrate today's BCS Championship game in Arizona. Cascade Baking Company say's they'll make 100 loaves for U of O fans today. GO DUCKS!

Here's a video of some of the bakers cooking up their special bread for the game!

Cascade Baking Company makes non-alien like looking bread too (unlike the green and yellow bread in the photos above.) They make some wonderful artisan breads. One loaf is made with wheat grown in the Willamette Valley grown at Stalford Seed Farmers in Tangent.

It's an oddity that the wet Willamette Valley is able to grow wheat for bread flour, Stalford Seed Farms in one of the first farms to grow this special bread wheat able to withstand the wet. It's been boon for bakers who want to bypass commodity wheat and keep the "LOCAL" label on their bread.

The wheat is milled in Brownsville, Oregon and is courser than other wheat.